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Day Old Game Bird Chicks

Below you will find information about what our day old Pheasant and Partidge chicks become when they mature.

Please telephone or email for prices and further information.

Red Leg Partridge

Red Leg Partridge in Flight

Red Leg Partridge - Priced from £1.00 per chick

Sometimes known as the French Partridge, the Red Leg or Red Legged Partridge originates in south western Europe and was introduced into southern England during the 17th century. It is now a well established major sporting bird.

The bird breeds on dry lowlands, such as farmland and open stony areas, laying its eggs in a ground nest.

It is a rotund bird, with a light brown back, grey breast and buff belly. The face is white with a black gorget. It has rufous-streaked flanks and red legs.

When disturbed, they usually present themselves as single birds or in small groups of two or three. Consequently, the birds present as better targets and there is usually a higher percentage of shot birds out of those released. These birds also hold extremely well.

Common Ring Neck Pheasant (Cock)

Common Ring Neck Pheasant (Hen)

Common Ring Neck Pheasant in Flight

Common Ring Neck Pheasant - Priced from £0.70p per chick

The Common Pheasant, native to Asia, was brought to Great Britain around the 10th century and is one of the world's most hunted birds.

They can naturalise in many climates and are found in woodland, farmland, scrub and wetlands. In its natural habitat the Common Pheasant lives in grassland near water with scattered trees.

The adult male Common Pheasant is 76-89 cm in length with a long brown streaked black tail, accounting for almost 50 cm of the total length. The body plumage is barred bright gold and brown plumage with green, purple and white markings. The head is bottle green with a small crest and distinctive red wattles.

The female (hen) is much less showy, with a duller mottled brown plumage all over and measuring 53-63 cm long with a tail of around 20 cm. Juvenile birds have the appearance of the female with a shorter tail until young males begin to grow characteristic bright feathers on the breast, head and back at about 10 weeks.

Common Pheasants are always timid once they associate humans with danger, and will quickly run for safety after hearing beaters/hunters arriving in the area. They are able short-distance fliers and when startled they suddenly burst upwards at great speed, with a distinctive "whirring" wing sound. These birds also hold well.

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Bozanty Pheasant - Priced from £0.70p per chick

The Bozanty is a ring neck pheasant originating from Poland that holds and flys extremley well.

These pheasants prefer to take off vertically and fly even higher whereas the common English pheasant will run forward to the end of the drive, to the flushing point. A combination of the two would give enhanced shooting from the start of the drive right through to the end.

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Bozanty Cross Pheasant - Priced from £0.70p per chick

These birds are a cross between Bozanty cocks and common ring neck hens. The Bozanty (see above) originates from Poland and they hold and fly well.


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Fen Cross Pheasant - Price On Application

Our Fen Cross Pheasant are a strain crossed from pure Fen Cocks (caught from Cambridgeshire fen) and Common Ring Neck Hens.

We have a limited number of these chicks avaliable.